With immense pleasure, we take this opportunity to retrospect a bit on Sarani.

Late Dr. Krishnapada Sarkar established Sarani in 1973 to uplift as many poor and under privileged specially children and women who are denied the basic rights of education and good health.

In 1973 empowered with the Divine Blessings of Mother Teressa Sarani began its voyage by giving financial aid to 18 poor but meritorious students of Sister Nivedita School, Bani Bhavan Senior Training and Lady Abda Bose Balika Vidyalaya.

In 1974 and 1975 Sarani organized its ‘Self help group by marketing the hand made products made by poor girls. It is mentionable that Sarani’s First President was an Eminent Singer Smt. Maya Sen Since those days Smt. Gouri Ghosh and Sri Partha Ghosh, the legendary Bengali elocutionists are with Sarani.

In 1976 Sarani again gave financial help to needy students of Nivedita School.

In 1978 poor students of Medinipur received Sarani’s stipend. Kumar Arah Primary School of a remote of Panskura village was benefitted by Sarani in 1980. In 1982 Sarani gave a donation to Ranchi Nirmala Sishu Bhavan.

In 1986 Sarani financially helped some leprosy patients of Ranchi Cheshire Home.

Since 2003 Sarani began to spread awareness programme for the benefit of school drop-out and drug –addict boys. Young girls in impecunious circumstances were made aware of human trafficking.

In 2005 Sarani organized its 1st free eye camp with active participation of  St. Jhon Ambulance Brigrade.

2006 was a glorious year when Sarani honoured legendary Eye Specialist Dr. I.S Roy as its 2nd president. This year Sarani established its charitable medical unit ‘Krishna Lila Seva Pratisthan” with the benevolent service of Dr. Anila Dutta Gupta, Dr. Nupur Biswas and Dr. Anima Dutta Roy. This year Sarani held its 2nd free eye camp in collaboration with   Dr. I.S. Roy’s, medical team. 

In 2008 Sarani was honoured when it received donation in cash and in kind from United Bank of India’s Mahila Samity. This year is significant to Sarani because of Dr. Anila Dutta Gupta (Ex-Head of Gynae, Kolkata Medical College) who obliged us by accepting the responsibility of the 3rd President of Sarani this year Sarani began its weekly charitable dispensary at Sarba Dhannia’ Mission (Kolkata).

In 2009 Sarani stood beside the destitute who were devastated at AYLA. Poor children received clothes from Sarani. One poor meritorious student received stipend in this year.

Since 2010 Sarani introduced an Annual Trophy in memory of its Path Finder Monidra kumar Maity. This prize is presented each year to a student selected by Sarani for his/her strong and good character.

On and from 2010 Sarani began to offer Special financial support to down trodden meritorious students in memory of its Founder Late Dr. Krishnapada Sarkar who left the world on 1991. This year Sarani donated Rs. 15,000/- to the needy students of Purba Sukutia Balika Vidyalaya of Panskura.

Through out the year 2011 Sarani extended its free medical service towards almost Six hundred patients of Slum areas. Food was given to unfortunate poor palients of Bidhannagar State general Hospital.

During 2012 Sarani donated educational meterials to Bidhannagar Vidyadhari Vidyalaya, and Bidhannagar Ananda Tirtha Vidyalaya. Story books had been donated to Banishree Library of Panskura. Food was distributed to blind people of “Workshop for Blind” and mental patients of Bodhi Pith. Financial Support of Rs.15,000/- was given to 5 sudents of Panskura Raghunath Bari School, Free Medical Camps were held through out the year.

In 2013 Sarani donated Rs. 30,000/- to an unprivileged 5 year old cancer patient of Soraj Gupta Cancer Hospital. Rs. 28,500/- was given to selected 8 needy students. Since this year Sarani began to help the poor girls of Pranab Kanya Ashram by giving Rs. 12,000/- annually.

Three Solar Lamps were given to that Ashram and a student of a remote village.

In 2014, Rs. 40,000/- was given to 3 unfortunate destitute cancer patients of Soroj Gupta Cancer Hospital. Another Rs. 40,000/- was donated as educational stipend to poor but meritorious students. Study materials was given to the students of a primary school. Different free medical camps were organized through out the year. Pranab Kanya Ashram received Rs. 12000/-.

The year 2015 witnessed 12 free medical camps with medicines organized by Sarani, old clothes had been distributed to Adyapith Sangha and Bharat Sevashram. This year Sarani could provide Rs. 93,500/- as medical support to 10 cancer patients of S.G. Cancer Hospital and Netaji Subhash Bose Cancer Reserch Institute. In this year Rs. 55,000/- was given to 9 poor but brilliant students of different remote schools of W.B. Rs. 40,000/- was given to Bharat Sevashram. Pranab Kanya Ashram also received Rs. 12,000/- from Sarani.

During 2016 our Sarani was highly honoured on receiving 80-G certificate under (U/S 12 A) of Income Tax Dept. this year we could help 17 under privileged meritorious students with Rs. 1,61,000/-. Rs. 1,20,000/- was given for the treatment of 8 needy cancer patients. Rs. 30,000/- was donated to 3 Thalasemia and Homophilia patients of Basanti (Sundarban). Through out the year 26 free medical camps were held in different slum areas.

Sarani also donated many useful medical equipments necessary for serious cancer patients to NSB Cancer Research Institute which was collected from different distressed families. Old clothes were given to Adyapith Ashram and Sapui para Basti. Rs. 12,000/- was given to Pranab Kanya.

In 2017 Sarani honoured Eminent Social Worker Mr. Ramen Das as the 4th president of the society. In the current year (2017) Sarani proved its worth more effectively. In the 44th Annual day celebration on 2nd July 17, Sarani donated Rs. 3,10,000/- to 28 poor but meritorious Secondary and Higher Secondary Students. Rs. 20,000/- was given to 2 post graduate needy students to continue their Master Degree. Sarani gave medical support to 7 poor cancer patients by donating Rs. 1,00,000/- Sarani also gave financial support of  Rs. 20,000/- to 3 critical patients of poor families. On September Sarani again contributed Rs. 20,000/- to 2 extraordinary brilliant students of under privileged class. Pranab Kanya also received Rs. 12,000/- for the whole year. Another cancer patient of Safdarjang Hospital received Rs. 25,000/- from Sarani 2015 to 2017.

With fond memories, we remember late Dr.Motilal Sikdar who,since February 2018 began to donate Rs.20,000 monthly to Sarani for the benefit of poor unfortunate cancer patients in memory of his son late Tirthankar Sikdar. Dr. Sikdar passed away for his heavenly abode on 27th January 2019.But it is an encouraging news for us that the family of Motilal Sikdar began to continue its support to Sarani to promote our benevolent support unhampered.This glorious gesture of Sikdar family shows the confidence and trust reposed on Sarani by them as also by all our well-wishers and donors.